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Information on your new

Congratulations on your new Cannon Cricket bat

It is important to care correctly for your Cannon to ensure longevity and optimal performance



Before knocking on your Cannon Cricket bat it needs two coats of Linseed oil. Oiling the bat both protects and moistens the wood. To do this you require raw linseed oil. Appling the oil lightly with your fingers, applying to the face, edge, toe and back of the bat with care to avoid any stickers along with the splice of the bat.  After each coat of oil rest the bat horizontally to dry. We recommend the use of a bat wax to be used throughout the season to help the bat retain moisture and reject any excess moisture and dirt. Please be careful not to  saturate or over oil your bat. 

knoking in.jpg

knocking in

Once you have oiled your bat you can begin the knocking in process. With your specialised bat mallet start hitting the blade repeatedly with even blows across the length and with. Start with light and gradually increasing to medium and firm blows over a period of time. Pay special attention to the edges and toe of the bat, which should be struck at at 45 degree angle using light strokes. This will help to harden and slightly round the edges to protect it from edge shots. Be careful hitting toward the toe area, this is a very fragile are of the bat hence light strokes should be used. Knocking in takes patience and time, we recommend roughly 3-4 hours, however this may vary. Do not try to knock in the edges of the bat at a 90 degree angle to the blade, the back of the bat or the splice area. The bat needs to be on a soft surface during knocking in NOT to be in contact with the ground or any other hard surface i.e., lap. 


Match Ready

Before using your new Cannon in a match we recommend taking it for a light net session with an old cricket ball to assess if it is ready for you to show off at the crease. Begin with a slow pace and slowly build up. Should small indentations or cracks appear stop, and return to knocking in with an old ball or specifically designed mallet. This indicates it is nit ready for match play just yet. Repeat this process until the issue stops occurring. Remember it takes patience, it will all be worth it in the end.


surface cracks

It needs to be understood that it is perfectly natural for your cricket bat to develop surface cracks during normal usage. As your bat ages cracks may appear more frequently, it is a sign of maturity. This does not affect the performance of your cricket bat and some cracking is to be expected. We do recommend the use of a facing and or fiberglass tape which helps reduce surface cracking and increases the longevity of your Cannon Cricket bat. If you become concerned about any surface cracks you bat produces, please feel free to contact us. 


a bats lifespan

Being made of a natural material there is no specific time frame in which your bat will last. To obtain your bats optimal life and performance please adhere to the care and preparation instructions. Constantly inspect you bat, maintain and store it correctly especially in wet or humid environments.  We highly

recommend having a toe guard and bat facing as well as getting your bat serviced by Cannon Cricket at the end of every cricked season. If you notice any damage to your bat stop using it immediately, take a photo and send to us and or if you live in Adelaide organise a time to bring to us to inspect and repair, if able to do so. 


if damage occurs/storage

If you notice any damage to your bat stop using it immediately. Consult Cannon Cricket as soon as possible. You may be asked to take a photo and send to us and or if you live in Adelaide, organise a time to bring to us to inspect and repair, if able to do so. If it happens to be covered by Warranty, it must go through our normal warranty claim procedures as listed on our Warranty page. Cannon Cricket will not be responsible for reimbursement of monies for repairs undertaken without our prior instruction.

Please ensure you store your bat correctly, especially during the off season. We recommend you store your bat in a bat cover in a cool dry area away from any drastic temperature changes. Your Cannon Cricket bat should be treasured and lovingly cared for.  Your bat should not remain in your boot or in any area where heat is present, as it may promote drying out or warping of the wood. This may lead to further problems.

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