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Cannon Cricket 

Here at Cannon Cricket we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We love to get to know your cricketing style and what you feel comfortable using. From there, give you the tools to make the most informed decision when it comes to purchasing one or multiple Cannon Cricket products. If you have any questions regarding any of our products please get in contact with us via our email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We endeavour to provide the ultimate quality of product and do our best to ensure durability in your bat however, when it comes to cricket bats it need to be understood that they are made from natural material, wood, and have an incredibly hard job of hitting a solid cricket ball repeatedly. This means that there is a chance that your Cannon Cricket bat may break or have issues in some capacity during its life. 

A cricket bat is not going to going to look new forever, cracks will appear, it is a natural process. All bats are different, like people,  some may require more love and attention than others, again it is a natural product and should be treated as such.

Bat Warranty -

We offer a limited warranty against any manufacture fault on all Cannon Cricket Bats for a total of 6 months and 3 months for the handle,  from time of purchase. This warranty covers all repairs required that are caused as a result of what we consider to be reasonable use of the Cannon Cricket Bat. Repairs carried out by Cannon Cricket only will be free of charge during the 6 month warranty time period excluding postage and packing charges, if applicable.  Subsequent repairs and servicing are chargeable.

Reasonable use includes the following, and limited to, the use of Cannon Cricket bat to hit balls specifically designed for the playing the sport of cricket. If the Cannon Cricket Bat is deemed un-repairable within the 6 month warranty period a replacement bat of the same value or standard will be offered. Cannon Cricket have the right to renege on this warranty if it is believed that the bat has been used in ways not deemed  reasonable. Cannon Cricket also reserves the right to renege on the warranty if bat labels are/were removed or chosen not to be applied. This is to the discretion of Cannon Cricket only, decisions made will be final.


Warranty Does Not Cover -

  • Yorker damage  to the toe area

  • Poorly timed or false shot, which causes damage to, toe, sides, back, shoulders etc.

  • Damage that occurs due to lack of knocking in or inaccurate play

  • Damage that occurs due to poor preparation/maintenance (eg. lack of toe guard, over under oiling etc.)

  • Damage due to moisture including dampness or swelling of toe (wet weather) or heat (do not leave in car boot/direct sunlight etc.)

  • Damage from non-leather or composite balls (including bowling machine balls)

  • Improper use (including hitting things others than cricket balls – eg stumps)

  • Lack of maintenance including regular inspections of the toe, edges and blade for signs of cracking or weather damage, the application of fibreglass tape to areas that are flaking or showing signs of facial cracks. 

  • Removal of Cannon Cricket stickers and in the event of the request of no stickers 

  • Been incorrectly used or neglected, been modified or repaired by anyone other than Cannon Cricket

  • As a result of regular ware and tear

  • or Any damage due to what we deem to be unreasonable use as stated above


We offer 3 month warranty on handle replacements carried out by Cannon Cricket only. We hold the right to renege on the warranty if there was previous damage to the shoulders or neck of the bat or we deem that the bat has not been used in a reasonable manor, as stated above.



Softs warranty -

For all Cannon Cricket softs, bat covers and bags we offer a 3 month manufacture warranty, covering split seams or stitching, broken zipper/wheel fault.  This warranty covers against any manufacturing faults during the 3 months from the time of purchase. Cannon Cricket  reserves the right to renege on this warranty if we deem that the product has not been used for its intended purpose or mistreated. This warranty does not cover and will not be replaced due to general ware and tare. This is to the discretion of Cannon Cricket only,  decisions made will be final.

Liability -

Please note, due to the nature of the sport cricket is a dangerous game.  All products are made for normal play or training of the sport of cricket. Some circumstances may exceed the limitations of our products therefor Cannon Cricket can not be held responsible for any  personal or third party injury, or any kind damages caused by the use of our products. Please ensure the products used are the correct size and protection level for the respective playing level of the user.

Returns -

No cash refunds will be offered, Accordance the the ACC change of mind reruns is not a requirement, therefor product return due to change of mind  will not be accepted on any Cannon Cricket products. If a product is accepted for return (excluding customised products)  any postage costs relating to the returning of bats or equipment will be borne by the customer.

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