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  • Say hello to you new favourite piece of Wicket keeping equipment. Cannon Cricket Wicket Keeping Pads are Super lightweight with High-Density foam reinforced with Fiber inserts for maximum Test Level protection. 
  • Made from premium quality PU, perfectly designed to hug your legs and give both flexability and  maximum protection.
  • Three padded inserts along with soft and padded leg straps give ultermate comfort for a long day behind the stumps.
  • Cannon Cricket Wicket Keeping Pads are a must have to add to your keeping kit. Providing lightweight comfort and protection, keeping you comfortable, cooler, and more flexable throughout your day.
  • Pair Cannon Cricket Wicket Keeping Pads with our Test Quality Cannon Cicket Wicket Keeping Gloves and Inners for the ultimate keeping experience. 



  • Test level keeping pad
  • Fibre inserts for maximum protection 
  • Padded straps
  • Made from premium quality PU
  • Super light weight High-Density foam 

Wicket Keeping Pads

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