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Cannon Cricket presents our test quality premium Wicket Keeping Gloves. Made from nothing other than premium materials offering the ultermate in comfort and performance.

Our gloves are made from such soft premium leather that they are ready to wear.

High grade octopus rubber palms provide the keeper with ultimate grip power to hold onto even the hardest of catches.

With a contoured palm construction they give the perfect cupping shape.

Padded inner wrist guard for added protection from any stray balls.

No matter what comes your way our Cannon Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves will make your job all that easier with light weight unbelievably soft comfort and protection.

Pair these with our Cannon Cricket Wicket Keeping Inners for the ultimate in comfort and performance.



Test level keeping glove

Made from premium leather.

High grade octopus rubber palms for ultimate grip

Contoured palm construction for perfect cupping

Wicket Keeping Gloves

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